Be More Brave, Not Less Afraid

We offer performances ranging from spectacular fire shows to family friendly interactive entertainment, as well as specialized workshops and social outreach programs with accredited instructors. We want to share our passion for circus with you!

Social Circus

Combining the teaching and performance of circus skills with evidence-based occupational, recreational and cognitive therapies.

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Fire Shows

As the sun sets, let us light up your night with a spectacular fire show featuring Newfoundland’s leading fire artist, Danielle Knustgraichen, as artistic director.

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Ruby RainbowSpecial Events

Interactive entertainment is our favorite, and Ruby Rainbow loves to make new friends! She will come to your event with plenty of tricks up her colourful sleeves to encourage new friends of all ages to be active and to learn new skills through play.

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Ignite Highlights

Let us ignite the light within you.

Connecting and Reconnecting with Old Friends and New

It felt so good to connect with new friends, and reconnect with old friends through so many exciting events this…

A relaxed performance?

What exactly makes a relaxed performance so relaxing? “A relaxed performance is a show that’s been adapted to suit people…

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We Have So Much to Celebrate!

April 3 2021 is Social Circus Day, and the entire month of April also happens to be the month dedicated…

Warmest Wishes for the Holidays!

We had such a wonderful time sending “Warm Wishes” to our friends at Pleasant View Towers! This holiday season, we…

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Exciting New Announcements for Fall 2020!

After an extended hiatus due to Covid-19, we’re excited to finally announce the beginning of our newest semester of programming…


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