The Circus is Coming to the Centre for Autism!

Our friends at the Autism Society, Newfoundland and Labrador have some exciting things coming up this week and we wanted to share them with you!

First, Therapeutic Clowns Rose and Maisie will be hosting a Clown Party on Tuesday September 20th. Then, Social Circus Time will happen on  Sunday, September 25th!

Therapeutic Clowning is an arts-in-health practice in healthcare and community settings with kids, adults or elders. During the Therapeutic Clown Party, the clowns will seek to find connections with others while engaging in imaginative play, music, playful diversion and many other forms of improvisation. Participants can engage in physical activities like jumping, climbing and tumbling while interacting with the clowns in a safe and supportive environment. This event is free to attend thanks to the St. John’s International Circus Fest.

Please note: This is not a performance where people sit down to watch the clowns. This is an engagement, where participants are invited to engage with one another and PARTICIPATE by exploring, playing, and having fun!  All ages are welcome to attend, but the tumbling and balance equipment is designed for use by children age 10 and under.

To register for the Clown Party, please email [email protected]

Who? Therapeutic Clowns and You!
What? Clown Party!
Where? 70 Clinch Cresc. St. John’s. Upstairs multi-purpose room
When? Tuesday, September 20th, 10 am – 12 pm
Why? Because it is a fun opportunity to connect with one another in a safe and supportive environment during the St. John’s International Circus Fest!

Coming up next….

We’ve taken advantage of a unique opportunity while our friends are here in town for Cirkaskina, the national social circus gathering, to invite circus artists from all across Canada to share the stage so they can share with you, what social circus means to them. At Social Circus Time, people of all ages can run away to join the circus for a day!

This event will include free play time where guests of all ages can explore a variety of circus skills such as hula hooping, juggling, balancing, giant bubbles and more, before tuning into a relaxed performance that will share with you the heart of social circus – a philosophy shared by circus practitioners that combines the practice of circus arts with the tools needed for social transformation. Admission is free for the whole family, thanks to Cirkaskina and Ignite Circus

Please Note: This event is scheduled to take place outdoors and therefore is weather dependent.

*Social story from last year’s event is available here:

Who? Circus Performers from all across Canada!
What? Social Circus Time: a free-play style workshop experience where participants can explore the circus equipment with the performers before enjoying a relaxed performance on the back deck
Where? 70 Clinch Cresc. St. John’s. Parking Lot and Back Deck
When? Sunday, September 25th 3 – 5 pm
Why? Because it is a fun opportunity to connect with one another in a safe and supportive environment during the St. John’s International Circus Fest!

To register for Social Circus time, please email [email protected]