A relaxed performance?

What exactly makes a relaxed performance so relaxing?

“A relaxed performance is a show that’s been adapted to suit people who might require a more relaxed environment when going to the theatre.”

Sometimes sitting still and quiet in a dark and crowded theatre can be difficult, especially if we’ve never gone to the theatre before, or if it’s been a really long time since we’ve been to an exciting public event. Big crowds, bright lights, loud noises, and strong smells can be pretty overwhelming.

Because of this, Ignite Circus and the Autism Society are teaming up to bring you a special event for the young and the young at heart that can take place outdoors, in a familiar environment where people can feel comfortable to move around freely and make noise as they feel the need arise. After all, the best part of going to the circus is being a part of the action!

Some performance artists prefer a polite and quite audience that will allow others to focus on the performer – but not circus artists! We want to hear you and see you and know you’re having just as much fun as we are! If we do something you think is cool we want to hear you yell and cheer and clap and sing and dance along with us!

We’ve taken advantage of a unique opportunity while our friends are here in town for Cirkaskina, the national social circus gathering, to invite circus artists from all across Canada to share the stage so they can share with you, what social circus means to them.

When? Sunday September 25th 2022 from 3:00 – 5: 00 pm
Where? 70 Clinch Crescent – the Center for Autism

This event will include free play time where you can explore a variety of circus skills such as hula hooping, juggling, balancing, giant bubbles and more, before tuning into a relaxed performance that will share with you the heart of social circus – a philosophy shared by circus practitioners that combines the practice of circus arts with the tools needed for social transformation. Admission is free for the whole family.

*Social story available here: https://www.ignitecircus.ca/document-types/social-story/

This event is scheduled to take place outdoors and therefore is weather dependent.