Mission Statement

To use circus as a tool for social intervention by creating an accessible, supportive, inclusive community of diverse individuals where that diversity can be celebrated, and the young and the young-at-heart can escape life’s complexities through creative exploration.

Values & Objectives

The circus arts, by nature, empower people to regain control over their environment through creativity. We take an evidence-based approach to providing participants with the tools and conditions that allow for developing the self-confidence required for them to transform themselves and the world around them.


We take a participant centered approach to trauma-informed practice by meeting people where they are in their journey and accepting them as they are without judgement while encouraging respect of one’s self and peers.


We encourage a safe space for experimentation and exploration where students can gain the self-confidence needed to change themselves and the world around them.


We celebrate diversity, and strive to break down barriers to inclusion through creating programming that is accessible to those who might benefit from it the most.


We work with psychologists, social workers, counselors and therapists to help participants draw the parallels between the resilience required to practice circus arts and that required for success in other areas of life as well.

Social Circus

Combining the teaching and performance of circus skills with evidence-based occupational, recreational and cognitive therapies.

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