What is Social Circus?

Social Circus is a program and philosophy that aims to empower people through the practice of circus arts. There’s literally something for everybody (and every body) in circus!

The Benefits of Social Circus

Strength, flexibility, balance, courage, and communication are natural byproducts of practicing circus arts, and these skills can help us grow not just as artists, but as members of a broader community too

A Sense of Belonging

This sense of belonging, one created through a shared practice of circus arts, is exactly why this practice can be such a powerful tool in helping to foster a sense of community (Seymour, 2014; Bolton, 2014). The space in which circus is practiced is traditionally a supportive safe space where people are free from judgement to be themselves and experiment and explore their own unique talents and creativity without repercussions for being “outside the norm.”

Building a Stronger Community Together

Circus works because it is uniquely flexible in its philosophy of practice (UBC Faculty of Medicine, 2016). Learning the technical aspects of different circus disciplines requires the learner to develop physical skills through practice, but, unlike other sports, there is no one way to be a circus artist, making it more likely that there is something in the circus that can appeal to everyone, no matter their body type, fitness level, or athleticism.

Opportunities for Partnership

Ignite Circus is constantly looking to foster new partnerships with community organizations who are interested in making social and recreational programming available to their target demographics. We strive to remove barriers that make these opportunities unavailable to traditionally excluded populations, and would love to discuss how we can make our programs accessible to the participants served within your organization. For more information on how to partner with our Social Circus program, contact us today!

Community Partnerships

The Ignite Circus Social Circus Program is built on the principals of compassion, creativity, community, and courage, offering unique recreational opportunities to the young and the young-at-heart in partnership with community organizations.

Our Programs

Social circus is an innovative social intervention approach, which uses the circus arts as a tool for fostering the personal and social development of vulnerable individuals.

Empowering Autistic Youth

The circus is a place where being different is encouraged, and where uniqueness is not only accepted, but celebrated.

Pre-employability training for young people

Circus arts, by nature, empower people to regain control over their environments through creativity. 

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with our Social Circus program! If you represent a community organization and would like more information about incorporating Social Circus into your ongoing programs we’d love to hear from you. We also regularly look for volunteers within our community to help with special events such as fundraisers or community performances. Do you have a special skill you’d like to share with our students? Perhaps we can even welcome you as a guest instructor! Let’s get the conversation started on how you can get involved, by filling out the form below.